1030 N Mills Ave


Adaptive Reuse


3,000 sf




Orlando, FL



Previously an open-air laundromat for over 40 years, Process Architecture approached the owner of this currently unused property with a solution consisting of multiple tenant spaces sharing a common service core.  The efficiency of this adaptive reuse is gained by the minimal amount of wasted space and complete use of the existing structure.

Rather than relying on a single tenant, 1030 embraces multiple smaller tenants thus activating the entire property with multiple uses while simultaneously providing the owner with a greater, more-diverse revenue stream.  The existing structural bay delineates the minimum tenant space which can be expanded as needed.  This continuous expanse of storefront set back from North Mills Avenue affords the businesses a greater street-side presence and the opportunity to engage the parking lot for various functions.

A ‘parklet’ space mediates the space between 1030, North Mills Avenue and neighboring properties to the north further activating the property at its most public edges.  The parklet idea is carried along the south boundary facilitating shaded seating for tenants and patrons alike.